Lab Members

Dan Yurovsky

Principal Investigator

Dan was an undergrad computer science major at Carnegie Mellon before completing a PhD in Cognitive Psychology at Indiana University and doing a postdoc in Psych Department at Stanford. He is broadly interested in how we learn from the people around us, and especially how children learn language. Dan is excited about understanding communication and learning from a systems perspective.

Josef Klafka

Lab Manager

Joe did his undergrad at UChicago in math and linguistics. He is interested in how children learn new words and grammar, and applications to machine learning.

Claire Bergey

PhD Student

Claire is a third-year PhD student in the Cognition program at the University of Chicago. She studied psychology and cognitive science at Williams College. She is interested in language and category acquisition.

Ashley Leung

PhD Student

Ashley is a second-year PhD student in Psychology at the University of Chicago. She graduated from Middlebury College with a BA in Psychology and English & American Literatures. She is broadly interested in child language acquisition, and she is currently studying how parent-child communication influences language learning.

Ben Morris

PhD Student

Ben is a second-year PhD student with Daniel Yurovsky and Alex Shaw. Broadly, Ben works on the interplay between language and social cognition across development. He is especially interested in emerging conceptions of knowledge and knowledge transmission, and in the language cues that drive children’s inferences about knowledge.

Alex Tunkel

Honors Student

Alex is a fourth-year undergraduate at the University of Chicago, double majoring in Biology and Psychology. She is interested in the application of these two fields in child development.


Jo Denby

Masters Student

Flora Zhang

Masters Student

Yawen Yu

Research Assistant

Maddie Meyers

Honors Student

Emmi Russo

Honors Student

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Research Assistants

The Lab has openings for undergraduates to gain research experience working as RAs. As a research assistant in CaLLab, you could be involved in research at every step of the process, from developing research questions and creating stimuli to recruiting subjects and testing participants. If you would like to hear more about working as an RA, please contact our lab manager Josef Klafka (klafka [at] cmu [dot] edu).

PhD Students

Visit the CMU Psychology Department page for more information on graduate programs offered at the University of Chicago and the application process. Please contact Professor Yurovsky if you are interested in pursuing graduate research in the Communication and Learning Lab.


We have grant funding for prospective postdocs interested in studying language, communication, or learning broadly construed. Please contact Professor Yurovsky if you would like to join the lab as a postdoc.